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Joshua Immanuel The Christ - <font color=#ff0000> To Europe </font>

Joshua Immanuel The Christ - To Europe

Joshua Immanuel The Christ - His Life on Earth and His Teachings by Dr. Stylianos Atteshlis (Daskalos).  Dr. Atteshlis wrote the manuscript of this book in the last years of his life.  It is an account of events that happened two thousand years ago as witnessed by this Christian Mystic.  The book takes you on the travels of Joshua Immanuel in Palestine.  Reading it, you can witness the healings and the miracles, and you can hear the spiritual teaching Joshua gave his disciples.  The author concludes the book with:  This is the teaching of Joshua – “Love Alaha *, the Father of all mankind, with all your heart, with all your Soul, with all your mind, with all your Being and all Human Beings, the offspring of Alaha as your own self.”   *[Joshua spoke primarily in Greek and Aramaic. Alaha is the name of God in Aramaic]  Published by the Stoa Series, P.O. Box 28347 2093 Strovolos Nicosia Cyprus ISBN 9963-8162-2-3 

Joshua - English: To Europe

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